At Dodo, We offer tailored solutions to suit every need

Only pay for what you need. Our pricing scales as you grow.

Billing Cycle:

Number of properties

For 5 properties, your pricing is $69 USD per month.

We have several powerful plans to showcase your business and get discovered as creative entrepreneurs.


  • Seamless Automation for Home Cleaning Management
  • Enhanced Guest Experience with Personalized AI Solutions
  • Elevated Mobile Experience with Real-Time Interaction
  • Simplified User Experience
  • 7 days free trial

/ (up to 4 listings)

Pro & Pro +

  • Pro & Pro + includes all basic features, plus:
  • Streamlined House Management Solutions for Owners
  • Enhancing Cleaning Experience with Advanced Geofencing Technologies
  • Simplified User Role Management for Effective Administration
  • Elevating Guest Experience with Tailored AI Features and Precise Instructions
  • Effortless Automated Maintenance for Houses
  • 7 days free trial

/ (up to 10 listings)


  • Premium includes all Pro features, plus:
  • Advanced Payroll Management Solutions
  • Cutting-Edge Smart Home Innovations
  • Next-Generation Self-Learning AI Module
  • Unrestricted Full API Access for Seamless Integration
  • 24/7 Dedicated Support
  • 7 days free trial

20+ listings

*The prices above are for those who have houses between 1-19. If you want to receive service for more than 19 houses, you can contact us

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Core Features:
Dodo Owner's Panel Access
Cleaning App Access
All Modules Access
API Access
Custom Feature Development
Unlimited Support
Custom Branding (Logo & Color Palette)
Cleaning App:
Employee Management
Integration with Airbnb
Integration with all channel managers
Auto Task Management
In-App Post Sharing
Time Clock
Checklists and Forms
Maintenance automation
AI Chatbot for Employees
Payroll Software Integration
Export Entries (PDF, Excel)
House Management
Smart Group Management
In-App Chat Groups
Custom User Roles
User Promotion Announcements
Mobile App
SMS Messaging
Owner’s Panel:
Property Data Management
Revenue Tracking
Cost Tracking
User Permission
Integration with all channel managers
Owner Financial Reports
Pre-Arrival Forms
Central Calendar
Export Financial Reports (PDF, Excel)
Smart Home Dashboard
Energy Monitoring Dashboard
Mobile App
Maintenance Reporting
SMS and WhatsApp Messaging
Insurance and Guest Screening
Guidebook Integration
Calendar blocking request for owners
AI Module:
Integration with Airbnb
Full Guest Communication
Apartment specific knowledge
Self-learning Model
AI personalization
GPT 3.5
GPT 4.0 Turbo
Delay feature
Review dispute analyses
Home improvement suggestions reporting