Elevate Your Hosting Game with Dodo App

In an industry that is becoming increasingly competitive, the Dodo App emerges as a beacon of innovation, seamlessly integrating with Airbnb to offer property owners an unparalleled level of control, transparency, and efficiency. Designed with the modern host in mind, this intuitive panel brings together an array of features crafted to not only simplify but also enhance the hosting experience, ensuring that every property is managed with precision and every guest is served with excellence.

Comprehensive Property & Financial Management

Features: Property Data Management, Revenue Tracking, Cost Tracking, Owner Financial Reports, Export Financial Reports (PDF, Excel)

Gain unparalleled insights into your property's performance with detailed data management, revenue, and cost tracking tools. Owner financial reports and the ability to export these reports in PDF or Excel formats provide a comprehensive overview of your financial health, enabling informed decision-making.

Seamless Integration & Access Control

Features: Integration with all channel managers, User Permission, Smart Home Dashboard, Energy Monitoring Dashboard

Ensure a harmonized operation by integrating with all major channel managers. Customize user permissions for tailored access control, and manage your property efficiently with smart home and energy monitoring dashboards for a truly automated experience.

Effective Communication & Maintenance

Features: SMS and WhatsApp Messaging, Maintenance Reporting, Insurance and Guest Screening

Stay connected with guests and manage your property's maintenance needs effortlessly. Benefit from SMS and WhatsApp messaging for instant communication, and ensure safety with comprehensive insurance and guest screening options.

Mobile Accessibility & Guest Services

Features: Mobile App, Guidebook Integration

Access all the powerful features of the Dodo Owner's App on-the-go with a dedicated mobile app. Enhance your guests' stay with integrated guidebooks that offer local tips and recommendations, elevating their experience and satisfaction.

Advanced Booking & Calendar Features

Features: Pre-Arrival Forms, Central Calendar, Calendar blocking request for owners, Guidebook Integration

Streamline guest arrivals with pre-arrival forms and manage bookings easily with a central calendar. Owners can request calendar blocks for personal use, and the integration with guidebooks enhances the guest experience by providing valuable local insights.