Unleash the Power of Efficiency with Dodo Cleaning App!


In the world of short-term rentals, where the quality of service and impeccable cleanliness directly correlates with guest satisfaction, the Dodo Cleaning App emerges as a revolutionary tool. It’s meticulously designed to streamline the cleaning and maintenance processes, ensuring every guest steps into a space that meets the highest standards of cleanliness and comfort. Integrated with Airbnb, this app is the silent workforce that ensures every property is guest-ready, sparkling clean, and exactly as promised.

Integration & Compatibility

Features: Integration with Airbnb, Integration with all channel managers

Seamlessly connect your operations with major platforms including Airbnb and all leading channel managers, ensuring a unified and efficient management experience across all your listings

Customization & Branding

Features: API Access, Custom Feature Development, Custom Branding (Logo & Color Palette)

Tailor the app to fit your unique needs with API access, custom feature development, and branding options that include your logo and color palette, making the app truly yours.

Efficiency & Automation

Features: Auto Task Management, Maintenance automation, Smart Group Management

Elevate operational efficiency with automated task management, maintenance scheduling, and smart group management to streamline workflows and reduce manual oversight.

Employee & House Management

Features: Employee Management, House Management, Payroll Software Integration, Custom User Roles

Manage your team and properties effortlessly with comprehensive employee management, house oversight, payroll integration, and customizable user roles for everyone in your organization.

Communication Tools

Features: In-App Chat Groups, In-App Post Sharing, SMS Messaging, AI Chatbot for Employees

Enhance internal communication with in-app chat groups, post sharing, SMS messaging, and an AI chatbot for employees, ensuring everyone is informed and engaged.

Monitoring & Reporting

Features: Time Clock, Geofence, Export Entries (PDF, Excel)

Keep track of employee hours and locations with precise time clock and geofence features, and easily export reports in PDF or Excel format for comprehensive oversight.

Quality Control & Standards

Features: Checklists and Forms, Unlimited Support

Maintain the highest standards of quality and service with detailed checklists and forms, supported by unlimited access to our support team for any queries or issues.

User Engagement & Development

Features: User Promotion Announcements, Mobile App

Engage and develop your team with promotion announcements directly within the app, complemented by a mobile application that ensures accessibility and convenience for all users.