As Dodo, We are proud to offer the unique advantages of AI Technology

AI Robot

Airbnb Artificial Intelligence Supported Messaging Module

  • It works with GPT-4 artificial intelligence engine.
  • Integrated with Airbnb, you can receive detailed training on house entry-exit times, house rules and entry methods.
  • Automatic reply mechanism, if incoming messages are not answered within 20 minutes otherwise it will come into play.
  • To you or your "co-host" about something he/she doesn't know, gives direction.

Airbnb Review Dispute Analysis Module

  • It performs automatic analysis in case of a score lower than 5 stars.
  • Reads reviews and private feedback, Airbnb's policies and agreements analyzes within the framework.
  • Sends an automatic e-mail to the company lawyer. It reports whether the comment can be removed or not.